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Clark Richard Thompson


Here are a few recordings from the past, with a bit of explanation of how they came about.


Rita! (.wav file)

This was my first recording studio experience. I think I recorded it when Moving Parts was on hiatus, circa 1982.

I actually came pretty close to what I intended. Don't remember who played bass and drums. Errol Dudas on piano. Added the backing vocals (thanks to Bil and Reid) in 2012.

All Fall Down

All Fall Down

This recording came after Moving Parts broke up, but I got Pete Galet to play drums, Rod Haynes to play bass.

Don't love everything about it, but the solos are pretty good, I think.

Don't Get The Blues Anymore

Don't Get The Blues Anymore

I spent thousands of hours at MIDI when it was new. I would come home from work, make coffee and tap tap tap at the keyboard for hours using a primitive sequencer. I learned a lot. The guitar is real. 4-track cassette.

Stay Out of the Kitchen

Stay Out of the Kitchen

Same period. Band in a Box drums with many overdubs, bounces. Brenna Martin vocals, Reid Nofer on bass.

You've Got Everything

You've Got Everything

Same period. MIDI drums with overdubs. Brenna Martin vocals, Reid Nofer on bass.

Good To Me Sometimes

Good To Me Sometimes (written by Brenna Martin)

This song was recorded by Poete Maudit

  • Brenna Martin: vocals
  • Reid Nofer: bass and vocals
  • Cleo Ramone: drums
  • Clark Richard Thompson: guitar and vocals

It's the mid-90s. I had the jones for a band. Brenna Martin, whom I knew from the Alliance For Survival years ago (and whose sister I'd married), had just returned from England. We put her vocals on some of my midi-and-guitar demos, and answered an ad in The Recycler from a drummer, Cleo Ramone. She really wanted to be in a girl group. But she liked our stuff and Brenna enough to give it a go. Reid was game, and we had a band.

At first we called ourselves Virginia Dare (my idea), but Cleo came up with Poete Maudit. We rehearsed near Cleo's place in Culver City. We gigged once at a feminist political event in Pasadena, from the steps of City Hall. It was a lot of fun, and we weren't bad.

(After Brenna bailed we got another singer, and gigged once at the Crooked Bar on the Sunset Strip before breaking up for good.)

We went into the studio once. We played our set and got basic tracks down, added acoustic to this song. Otherwise one take, rough mix, with the intention of making it better when more money magically arrived, which it never did...

Tell Me a Lie

Tell Me a Lie

Reid and I tried the three piece band thing with Garth Something on drums. Garth wrote really good songs (Won't You Come on Back) and could sing.

We called ourselves Conspiracy of Fools-- it was in part a tip of the hat to Confederacy of Dunces, but also simply descriptive. (It became the name of a book about Enron years later.)

  • Garth, Drums
  • Reid Nofer, Bass and vocals
  • Clark Richard Thompson, Guitar and vocals

The instrumentation was recorded with one mic in a rehearsal studio, then Reid and I added the vocals.

Like 90% of rock bands, we broke up after six months or so.

Sometimes Good Things Happen to the Worst Of Us

Sometime Good Things Happen to the Worst of Us

Dedicated to my better half. Recorded at home by myself.

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